CarolynMoore   CeramicArtist

Glazed ceramic,steel & wire

I have always been drawn to clay. I like the fictile nature of clay. There is something about the process of ceramic work that inspires me.
I start with a cool lump of clay that won't hold a form, I then manipulate it into a shape. The piece slowly dries; it is very fragile. Next I fire it in a kiln to 1850 degrees until it reaches a vitreous, but still vulnerable state. The final process is to either glaze or paint the piece.

Some of my favorite subjects have been animals. I have created many commissions for clients, family and friends' pets. An African safari to Tanzania inspired another group of pieces.

My series of City-scapes reflect my fascination with the architectural alignments and juxtapositions of my San Francisco Bay area home as well as other cities, towns and villages that I have traveled to here and abroad.

My latest work is inspired by the tropical fish around Hawai' and other diving trips. Mine are inspired by nature but are whimsical interpretations.

Recently I have been exploring abstract piece.

I also love creating vessels that are interesting visually. Form over function!